Moby Dick or the She Whale
Sarah Knill-Jones
problematic: whale preservation
description: This artwork is a participative relay race in which a visitor is invited to act out the marathon-reading of the complete novel, page by page. Each person is invited to walk through the hanging veils and come to the fore where the novel is piled up in a stack of A4 pages. Sarah has drawn on every page, in a slow painstaking process of rubbings from the floor of the studio. Each is an original work that you can take away with you ... only after you have read it aloud in English, in the original version of the novel, presumably not the mother tongue of residents or many of the visitors to the islands of the Mediterranean. It is for you to spit out Melville’s words in English while, beyond the veils, other visitors are listening to our effort and waiting to read further into Captain Ahab’s mad pursuit of the white whale.