Arts and Science Project

5 artists from all around the world. 5 Mediterranean islands.

Tap the Diary Buttons to learn directly from the artists about their practices, created works, and the raised ecological and social issues during the residences.

Klitsa ANTONIOU, Cyprus

What hides under the stately calmness of the sea surface?

Klitsa ANTONIOU raises the problem of low accessibility to drinking water in Cyprus and vaste climate change catastrophe.  For this, she observes the mysterious underwater cosmos in her installations.

Max FOUCHY, Sicily

Could synthetic and natural materials coexist?

In his poetic work Max FOUCHY creates a hybrid territory. In his installations plastic turns into a precious material & gains the power of the water element. This way the artist comments on the continuous default on the purification front in Sicily.

Lucy ORTA, Ibiza and Mallorca

What is one of the most important components of Mediterranean culture?

Its endemic species that are facing high risks of extinction on the biggest islands. Lucy ORTA intends to explore a special bond that humans once had with other living organisms.

Edgar SARIN, Malta

Have you known that the only supply of fresh water in Malta comes from underground sources and often is illegally pumped?

Edgar SARIN explores the importance of water resources on islands. Сhanting the antique forms, he creates near-mythical, ritual objects around the culture of water consumption.

Olga SABKO, Mallorca

How much do you know about the “sacred” tradition of using natural resources in daily life on Mallorca?

For her installations, Olga SABKO found inspiration in precious endemic plant species. She also creates a collective garden: the place of cherishing the cultural and natural heritage of the island.