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Author: Elina

MARLANDS Event. Venice

There is no lonesome wave.

Exhibition in Paris. POUSH

The exhibition on view at POUSH based on MARLANDS experience and showing the new art projects related to the Mediterranean imagination.

Overview by Jeanne Dreyfus.

Marlands Project.

Through four artists’ exhibitions and several workshops, Marlands’ curatorial project has linked together the islands of Malta, Cyprus, Majorca and Sicily in the shape of an artistic archipelago, more aware than ever of the environmental issues involved in the production of contemporary art.

The overview of the exhibition "I landed".


‘I Landed’ is an exhibition dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the Meditarenean Islands. The exhibition was simultaneously held on four different islands in local major art institutions. The purpose of “I Landed” is to raise awareness of the ecological issues the islands are facing, and to show the uniqueness of each location trough the artists eyes.

MARLANDS Exhibition.

I Landed. Cyprus.

Artists: Klitsa Antoniou Curators: Elena Posokhova Scientists involved in the research: Dr José Rafael García March Artists involved in the production: Ruben Solar Ru

MARLANDS Exhibition.

I Landed. Mallorca.

11.01.2023-21.01.2023 - Taca Studio, Palma, Mallorca. Olga Sabko, Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy
Artists: Olga Sabko, Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy Curator: Elena Posokhova Scientists involved in the research: Dr. Jorge Terrados, marine biologist and ecologist, Magdalena Vicens Fornés, curator of Jardí Botànic de Sóller Artists involved in the production: Ruben Solar Ru, Anastasia Egorova, Arina Antonova

Marlands program of workshops. Es Baluard Museum Palma, Mallorca; Isola, Catania; Spazju Kreattiv, Valetta.


Workshop “Meditating on Corallium rubrum”. Lucy Orta. & Performance “Garden of the Past. Garden of the Future”. Olga Sabko.

MARLANDS Exhibition.

I landed. Sicily.

19.12.2022 - 30.12.2022/ Isola Catania, Catania, Sicily. Max Fouchy, Edgar Sarin, Olga Sabko, Sheldon Saliba, Chloe Silbano, Rosa Borreda, Lucy Orta, Vince Briffa, Lisa Boostani. Curators: Elena Posokhova, Mariagrazia Pontorno.

MARLANDS Exhibition.

I landed. Malta.

01.12.2022 - 8.01.2023 Location: Valetta, Malta Venue: Spazju Kreattiv. National Centre for Creativity Artists: Edgar Sarin, Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy, Sheldon Saliba. Curators: Elena Posokhova and Vince Briffa. Collaborative artists involved in the project: Victor Agius, and sound artist Ruben Solar Ru.