Protection and restoration of Pinna nobilis populations
P.R. José Rafael Garcia March, P.R. Jose Tena
problematic: Prevention of the total extinction of Pinna nobilis in the short-medium term
description: The main objective of the project is to put into practice mitigation measures that prevent the total extinction of Pinna nobilis in the short-medium term. The disease affecting the fan mussel is expected to devastate nearly all the remaining populations, leaving only a few scattered potentially resistant individuals and a few populations of non-resistant individuals in refugia (i.e. coastal lagoons, deltas, etc.). There is no current treatment for the disease, and even if it was, its application would be likely constricted to captive individuals, due to practical difficulties in the open sea. Yet, if no actions are taken, the resistant individuals will perish in time without leaving any offspring, whereas the populations in refugia will decay, being unable to repopulate if any other factor kills them. The present project proposes urgent measures within the framework of a collaborative consortium of experts in the field that enables the application of international measures.