Time to visit islands!

The time has come to take a break from the routine in the studio and feed the artistic creativity with the real islander impressions. Starting from the end of September the residency artists Max Fouchy, Edgar Sarin, Olga Sabko, Klitsa Antoniou and Lucy Orta will meet the scientists, craftsmen and technical teams on site in the Mediterranean islands…

The cultural identity of the Mediterranean islands in art projects.

The development of the art projects goes on. The artists are improving their research by exchanging ideas with the curators, scientists, craftsmen and artisans to uncover the uniqueness of their targeted island, to understand and reflect on the incomparable cultural identity of that island.


The MARLANDS Artists are out!
We received many applications for taking part in the art residencies on the Mediterranean Islands and it was very hard to choose the ones who are going to be the main characters of this edition, but here are our amazing contemporary artists […]