Klitsa Antoniou ‘s artistic residency in Malta. Day II.

Klitsa Antoniou’s artistic residency in Cyprus. Visiting Marina Life museums and researching the impact and the significance of the sea upon the history of the island. The exhibits of the museum cover a chronological span, from paleontological to historic periods until present times. Information on:¬†¬†climatic change of the last 2 million years, Messinian salinity crisis […]

Lucy Orta. Day II.

Lucy Orta’s artistic residency in Mallorca & Ibiza. Meeting with Pilar Rubi (Es Baluard Museum) to discuss public programming and collaboration, in at the exhibition Cumbustion Chamber where traditional Mallorca ceramic forms (Joan Pere Catal√† Roig) sprout into totems for of cobalt oxide, along with activist glyphs by artists Albert Pinya by Exhibit Lab. Artist’s […]

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The development of the art projects goes on. The artists are improving their research by exchanging ideas with the curators, scientists, craftsmen and artisans to uncover the uniqueness of their targeted island, to understand and reflect on the incomparable cultural identity of that island.