I Landed. Sicily.

19.12.2022 – 30.12.2022/ Isola Catania, Catania, Sicily.
Max Fouchy, Edgar Sarin, Olga Sabko, Sheldon Saliba, Chloe Silbano, Rosa Borreda, Lucy Orta, Vince Briffa, Lisa Boostani.
Curators: Elena Posokhova, Mariagrazia Pontorno.

I Landed. Malta.

01.12.2022 – 8.01.2023
Location: Valetta, Malta

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv. National Centre for Creativity
Artists: Edgar Sarin, Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy, Sheldon Saliba.
Curators: Elena Posokhova and Vince Briffa.

Collaborative artists involved in the project: Victor Agius, and sound artist Ruben Solar Ru.

Olga Sabko. Day 6

Olga Sabko’s artistic residency in Mallorca. Artist’s Vision: On this rainy day, I went to Pilar and Joan MIRO foundation to discover how the artist lived and created after he moved to live on the island. It’s an incredibly peaceful and beautiful place on the top of the hill, with a sea view. Afterwards, I […]

Edgar Sarin. Day VI. !

Edgar Sarin’s artistic residency in Malta. Press Conference at Spazju Kreattiv. Interview of artist Edgar Sarin and coordinator of the artistic residency in Malta Vince Briffa. Edgar Sarin Vince Briffa Artist’s Vision: ” My project is to create a sculpture depincting a rain water collecting unit and develop around it a pictural folklore. Water is […]

Lucy Orta’s artistic residency. Day V.

Cultural arts artist Arina Antonova and I visited Lafiore Vidrio Mallorca, a glass factory in Mallorca, where will be produced the glass spheres for the “Red colar”. Photo Credit: Arina Antonova

Klitsa Antoniou ‘s artistic residency in Cyprus. Day V.

Artist’s vision: Visits to Museums  focusing on pottery, and engravings. The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia is home to an extensive collection of Cypriot works include archaeological artifacts, costumes, photographs, medieval pottery, maps and engravings, jewels, and furniture. Pilavakio Museum at Phini is in a building that goes back to the 16th century in the village […]

Max Fouchy. Day 5.

Max Fouchy’s artistic residency in Sicily. Amazing tour on Etna with the great vulcanologist Boris Behnсke, Luana Manca from 4goodcause and Isola Catania. Etna is a volcano in Italy located in Sicily, near the city of Catania, the second most populated city in Sicily. Culminating at 3,357 meters above sea level, it is the highest […]

Max Fouchy. Day 4.

Max Fouchy’s artistic residency in Sicily. First visit to the studio of Magda Masano, the cultural artist who will be designing some elements in lava stone integrated with the bottles. Magda Masano’s studio Folk Magda Masano & Max Fouchy Artist’s Vision: details at the studio. Photo Credit: Max Fouchy Photo Credit: Max Fouchy

Lucy Orta. Day III.

Lucy Orta’s artistic residency in Mallorca & Ibiza. After analysing the coral samples produced on day 1, we increased their length. Photo credit: Lucy Orta Photo credit: Lucy Orta By feeling the weight and mass of clay we molded came to mold more intuitively, gently pressing polyps into shape, using the indentations of our hands, […]